Business Type: Manufacture & Retail Company

Main Markets: Egypt, Africa, Middle East and Southern Europe

Trademarks: Al Ahram Cookware

Factories: Al Ahram factories are strategically located in Om Zhegheo Industrial Zone-Agami, West Alexandria

About Us

Al Ahram Cookware, the leader in the production of cookware in Egypt.

Cooking is a matter of taste - in every sense of the word and therefore Al-Ahram Cookware produces a wide variety of designs with a lot of different features and colors made of high-quality materials and suitable for all types of cookers. 


Al-Ahram Cookware is proud to have received many certificates and awards representing the company’s vision to be the largest factory and market leader in producing and supplying cookware in the Middle East and Africa with the highest international standards environmentally and professionally and always keeping the customers’ utmost satisfaction in mind.

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