"Granito" is very durable, resistant to scratches, practical and unique, available in large variety of models such as bombato pans & casseroles, stockpots and frypans. "Granito Al-Ahram" is the perfect choice for a healthy cooking experience especially due to its inner coating with non-stick layer and granite stone coating. It has a thickness of nine layers; the inner ones provide stable heat distribution and releases the natural essence of food and the outer layers control the heat intensity and retention.

  • Material: Pure aluminum

  • Thickness: 3.5 MM

  • Exterior coating: Hammered colors

  • Interior coating: Non-Stick Teflon plus Italian granite stone layer

  • All products are non-toxic PTFE & APEO and PFOA Free


1 - Non-stick finish

2 - First layer granitestone

3 - Second layer granitestone

4 - Intermediate internal coat

5 - Mid coat

6 - Primer coat

7 - Standblasted Aluminum

8 - First layer external coating

9 - Second layer external hammered coating finish

Available colors